Western Heights
Transformation Plan

Transforming Western

The Western Heights neighborhood is strategically located 1.5 miles from downtown Knoxville, the University of Tennessee, jobs, and amenities. Unfortunately, disinvestment, physical barriers, residential and commercial vacancies, and concentrated poverty have kept the neighborhood from realizing its potential.

The residents of Western Heights have a collective vision of a safe neighborhood for all, with new housing and programming for children and adults. The leadership of KCDC, the City of Knoxville, Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee, Brinshore Development, and other partners will transform Western Heights into a neighborhood of choice for current and future residents.

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Overall Plan Goals



Ensure neighborhood is safe for all


Increase transportation choices

Open Space

Create quality green spaces, parks, and recreation amenities

Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Engagement 

Strengthen arts, culture, and entrepreneurship to anchor the community

One Community  

Ensure new and renovated housing in Western Heights feel like one cohesive community



Develop a diverse and inclusive mixed-income community

Unique Site

Celebrate the site, including spectacular views, to change negative perception of Western Heights


Create housing choices and different types of buildings that service different family needs


Establish responsive, on-site management with quality amenities and attentive maintenance



Improve education outcomes


Improve resident health outcomes

Youth Development 

Increase safe education and enrichment options for youth

Economic Stability  

More residents secure living-wage jobs and actively engage career opportunities

Food Security   

Improve access to affordable, healthy, fresh food options